About Us



At iFlourish Labs, our mission is to improve the health of the customers that we serve. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t only effect every core action that we do as a company, but is the sole purpose that we strive at perfection. Our goal is to offer the highest grade products to not only better customer’s lives, but also to enrich the lives of their fellow loved ones. We strive at bringing the best possible products in the market at the most reasonable prices available. Your health is vital to us, as we know and understand customers are the life blood of our company.

Every product that we send to our customers must be made with the most trusted experts. In order to do this, all products are made in a FDA Registered Lab with a GMP compliant certification. We’re not just a fly by night company selling products made from our garage, we stand true to our word when we say quality is our mission.

We believe that in order to receive the best finished product, it’s absolutely vital to get from the best sources. We make it an ongoing effort to source all raw materials responsibly and carefully and every raw material supplier goes through an extensive vetting process.

Quality is one of the most important things that we strive to perfect. We believe the better the quality we put out in the market, the more lives we can change for the better. All finished products are sent out to 3rd party labs for testing to ensure the quality is congruent across every batch that gets put into the marketplace.

We strive to be vertically integrated so we can control the supply chain. We make it our mission to feed the marketplace with top moving products due to our innovative team. We strive to be the top resource for all your supplement needs.